What problems should be considered in the selection of Heshan double bone zipper

2020-08-06 136

As one of the important accessories of clothing, zipper has also changed from a trial to an ornament. In the world, 90% of fashion planners pay more attention to the function of zipper, and pay more attention to the fashion of zipper, so that it can serve for clothing planning. As a result, with the diversity of fashion planning styles, functions and aesthetic values, zippers matching it are also rich and colorful. How to select zippers according to the requirements of clothing planning, and consider the compatibility and harmony between the main materials and styles of clothing, as well as its decorative artistry and economic practicability.


It can be considered from the following aspects:

(1) the zipper is selected according to the size of the accepted strength, and the model of the zipper is mainly selected when considering the strength performance of the zipper.

(2) according to the chain tooth material of the zipper, the material of the chain teeth determines the shape and basic state of the zipper, especially the softness and handle, which will directly affect the compatibility and aesthetic degree of the zipper and the clothing. For example, the injection zipper is suitable for the clothing with thick fabric, the light nylon zipper meets the requirements of the thin clothing fabric, and the metal zipper is rough and unrestrained It's perfect for jeans.

(3) choose zippers according to the style of clothing. In the application of clothing planning, zippers of different raw materials are combined with clothing styles, and the choices are determined according to different fabrics, structures and patterns. The double end zippers with metal texture are mostly used for denim fur clothing with heavy texture; the zippers with open tail right or open tail left are mostly used for leisure wear and sportswear planning; and the double tail zipper with closed tail is mostly used for children's wear and special work clothes planning; The invisible zipper with shy appearance is generally used for the planning of women's skirts and trousers, including some casual small ceremonial clothes, which makes the outline and lines of clothing appearance more concise and smooth.

(4) choose zippers according to the color and decoration of clothing, and consider the coordination of fabric and accessories in the color of clothing planning, so as to select the zipper which is consistent with the color of the fabric, so that the main material and auxiliary material have the function of integration. Sometimes in order to form a sharp contrast, the use of a larger difference in color. The zipper pull head is an important decorative part, which provides more choices for clothing decoration and marking. Its personalized and diversified features increase the fashion of clothing and help to establish a brand. It is significantly different from other enterprises in product identification.

Source: Heshan double bone zipper manufacturer http://www.caz-zipper.com/

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