How to deal with the phenomenon of double zipper in Heshan

2020-08-06 114

The jam phenomenon of zipper head usually occurs in the following situations:

1. When opening and closing the zipper, sometimes the zipper will not move because the zipper head is clamped to the cloth. At this time, if you blindly pull the zipper. It will only make the cloth more tight, so pull out the cloth stuck in the pulling head as far as possible, and then pull the pull head back to its original position. If it is completely stuck, do not use too much force, just slowly pull it up. In addition, pay attention to the smoothness of sewing when sewing zippers.

2. When putting on or taking off clothes, please put on or take off the clothes again when the zipper is fully opened. Button up the button or trousers hook first, and then the zipper will be smoother. If the zipper head stops in the middle of the chain teeth, it is easy to form a zipper fixation. With zipper boots, gloves and clothing accessories, we should also pay more attention to reduce the cost.


How to deal with the jam phenomenon of zipper head

In addition, in our daily life, we also need to understand the simple repair method of zipper head. The following small series will introduce us to the following steps:

1. First pull out a big tooth on the zipper with pliers, and pull both sides.

2. Pull the zipper head up again.

3. Then merge the two teeth together.

4. Put the zipper head in again. If you can't fit it in, cut a small hole on the radial line. Remember, don't cut the big teeth in the local area, you should rely on the local cutting on the upper part, otherwise the big teeth will not be installed).

5. Put the big teeth on and put the zipper head cover in.

Source: Heshan double bone zipper manufacturer

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