How to distinguish the quality of Heshan double bone zipper

2020-08-06 143

1. The straightness and smoothness of the zipper: make the zipper in the state of natural sagging without waves or bending.

2. The teeth of the case zipper: the teeth of the injection zipper are bright, and there is no depression or missing teeth in the middle of the front side. The metal teeth are arranged in a regular way without inclination and broken teeth chain. The teeth have good occlusion.

Color of metal zipper: uniform color, smooth light and no color difference.

4. Zipper tape gluing: the adhesive orientation of the zipper belt is symmetrical, without inclination, and the adhesive position is repeatedly folded for 10 times and 180 degrees.


V. drawing head: the plating layer of electroplating drawing head is bright, no peeling, no foreign matter scratch, coating thickness is not less than 3um, the surface color of painting and plastic spraying drawing head is gorgeous, the coating is uniform and solid, and there is no bubble and other defects.

Vi. function of luggage zipper

During the inspection, the following operations can be carried out to ensure the good function of the luggage zipper.

The pulling head moves back and forth, and the pulling head slides stably and sensitively without jumping or blocking feeling. Special attention should be paid to the accessibility of the puller when starting at the top stop, bottom stop and socket.

Open two zipper braces, the angle is about 60, and the pulling speed is moderate. If the pull head does not slide, it indicates that the self-locking of the pull head is good, otherwise, it indicates that there is no self-locking or the self-locking strength is not enough. Lift the pull flap perpendicular to the plane of the pulling body, and the cap is strong.

Source: Heshan double bone zipper manufacturer

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