How to remove the trouble of Heshan double bone zipper

2020-08-06 126

1. When the opening and closing is not smooth, if the chain head is pulled hard, the dentin bite problem will occur. It is then applied to the surface and inside of the tooth parts with a stone wax or smooth spray (zipper) (FASTENERMATE), and then it slips loose after moving the head several times.

2. The zipper on the bag when things are loaded too much, if the zipper is closed, the zipper will be too stressed, which will make the teeth out of the belt. This is serious in the zipper problem. Pull the left and right teeth closer to make the chain head pass through the back closing zipper easily.

3. When opening and closing the zipper, sometimes the chain head will bite the line or cloth, so that the pull head can not be pulled. In this case, if the pulling head is forced to be pulled, it will bite deeper and deeper. On the one hand, the pulling head should be retreated and the cloth should be untied on the other side. When biting in completely, do not pull the pulling head vigorously, please gradually back the pulling head. Please do not leave any danger when sewing.


Important tips when choosing zippers, since zippers have different adaptability in different environments, special suggestions should be made to the manufacturer when purchasing zippers:

I. what kind of products the zipper is used on (such as suitcases, shoes and boots, ski clothes, raincoats, tents, jeans requiring washing or leather products with high acidity) or other special requirements.

2. For zipper composition, whether AZO (azo), nickel free or needle detector are required.

Three, three, four and five refer to the number of zippers, which are measured by the width of the zipper after it is closed. Simply put: the larger the number, the thicker the zipper. Generally, the zippers on our jackets are 5 × 10, such as 8 × 10 × 10, which are special zippers. They are very rugged and need to be customized. Generally, they are less used. 4yg refers to the zipper on trousers, which refers to the zipper with 4 × 10 YG head. This kind of zipper head is with lock, especially on jeans and casual pants. It is relatively strong and generally has metal teeth. Most brand clothes will customize the zipper brand on the zipper of their clothes. Dongguan metal zippers have different shapes and are engraved with the logo of the brand, which is a very detailed thing. If it is well done, it will become a kind of logo.

Source: Heshan double bone zipper manufacturer

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