How to deal with the discoloration of Heshan double bone zipper

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How to deal with rusty zipper? How to remove it? Bag used for a long time, metal zipper will appear oxidation phenomenon, how to do? What to do if the zipper of bag rusts and can't be pulled? What to do with rust? Let Heshan double bone zipper manufacturer give you two moves to make up easily~

Let's deal with the rusty zipper of the bag first.

To remove the rust on the zipper of a bag, a block of wax can be used to coat the zipper. Pulling it back and forth for several times can not only remove the rust on the zipper, but also make the zipper smooth. The principle is very simple. Because the wax and rust on the zipper rub together, the wax and rust mixture will fall to different degrees.


How to deal with the bag zipper rusty, how to do? Let's deal with the bag zipper rust how to remove

Use vinegar cleaning method [white vinegar is recommended]: if you are worried that vinegar will make your clothes fade, you can first add a little water to vinegar to dilute it. But this method is not suitable for bright clothes. Drop vinegar on the rust stains and wash them with soapy water. But still need to use clear water to flush clean, otherwise can have a vinegar smell very difficult.

If it is a rust stain for a long time, you can try to mix some of the above acids and salt, for example, lemon juice and salt mixed, rub on the stain. Just rinse with detergent water.

Of course, we can choose toothpaste, face cream, hand cream, essential oil, or alcohol to remove the Yellow zipper. However, these methods are rather troublesome and are not recommended for use. Generally, a relatively bad metal zipper is used to show this situation.

Source: Heshan double bone zipper manufacturer

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