How to keep lubrication of Heshan double bone zipper for a long time

2020-08-06 105

The zipper is composed of a row of chain teeth arranged in order, and the pull ring moves up and down to achieve the purpose of closing and separating. It is widely used in daily life. It often appears in clothes, bags, tents and other living objects closely related to life. When it is difficult to pull, it often makes people very troubled and affects the normal use of goods. So what are some good techniques to solve this problem and make zippers keep lubrication for a long time? Today, Heshan double bone zipper manufacturer will share with you:

1. Pull the tail part of the zipper, straighten it, and then pull it from bottom to top to see if it is smooth. If it is not smooth, you can find a wax and apply it on the zipper surface. This wax can be taken from the outer coating of some medicines, and of course a candle can be used. Rub it back and forth on the zipper.


2. When the zipper is not easy to pull, you can pull the tail of the zipper, straighten the zipper, and then repeatedly pull it from the bottom up to check whether it is smooth. If not, what are the reasons for the failure. There are many times, because there are other things in the zipper card, which leads to not smooth. You just need to clear some obstacles and you can return to normal.

3. It is also possible that the zipper is not straight due to the bag shape itself, such as frog pocket, which is easy to happen. Or try to use some good quality zippers, such as double zippers or good quality zippers, so as not to affect the quality of large goods, reduce the degree of bad pull.

4. The simple method is to coat a layer of wax on the surface of zipper, and use the lubricating effect of wax to achieve smooth effect. You can use a candle to wipe back and forth on the surface of the zipper, try to pull it a few times, and then repeat it from bottom to top for several times to achieve smooth results. In addition to wax, you can also use the lubricating oil of sewing machine. After dropping a few drops at the position of the pull ring, you can pull it several times to achieve smooth results.

5. To avoid the similar situation, a wind age hook can be sewn on the top of the zipper to let the hook hook hook hook the square hole at the top, so as to achieve the purpose of smooth zipper.

Source: Heshan double bone zipper manufacturer

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