What should be paid attention to when selecting Heshan double bone zipper

2020-08-06 115

1. Selection of cloth belt: as the raw material of Heshan double bone zipper cloth belt is composed of polyester silk thread, sewing thread, medium core thread and other different kinds of silk thread, its weight and coloration are different, so it is easy to produce color difference on the same zipper. At this time, when taking out the cloth belt, it is necessary to select the fabric with uniform dyeing and no turbidity point. The cloth belts made of different fabrics are mainly soft and tender.


Second, MI teeth: the teeth of Heshan double bone zipper are electroplated and colored. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the general situation of the zipper when purchasing. Whether the plating color is uniform, whether there is color flower phenomenon, and whether the zipper is pulled smoothly up and down. After the zipper is closed, it is necessary to check whether the swing teeth are engaged with each other. The asymmetric zipper teeth will inevitably affect the utilization of the zipper.

3. Pull head: Heshan double bone zipper has many shapes. The finished product can be small and detailed, but also can be rough and vigorous. However, no matter how the pull head is, we should feel whether the pull head is free or not, and whether the zipper can not be pulled up or closed. At this time, all the pull heads on the market are equipped with self-locking assembly, so after you pull the zipper, you have to check whether the zipper will slide down after the lock head is fixed.

Source: Heshan double bone zipper manufacturer http://www.caz-zipper.com/

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