How to repair the broken double bone zipper in Heshan

2020-08-06 113

1. If the iron edge on both sides of the zipper falls off. Repair method: one end of a stapler can be folded inward to make it parallel to the iron bar, while the other end is straightened. According to the length of the iron edge of the zipper, cut off the remaining part of the book nail from the straight end. After cutting, the staples should be placed in the position of the original iron edge, the folded end should be placed below, flush with the bottom edge of the zipper, and the other end should be folded to the same point. Then use the windbreaker needle to sew two pieces back and forth tightly with the lock lock stitch method, wrap the book nail inside, and the width should be equal to the original iron edge; the bottom edge book nail should be sewn tightly with thread, the zipper should be sewn smoothly, and then touched with wax, so that the repair effect is the same as the original iron edge, and it can be opened and pulled freely.


2. If the zipper is missing teeth. Repair method: in the original tail, pry the zipper teeth with a sharp mouth or a camera, take down a few teeth, install them in the tooth missing part, and then gently press the tooth mouth on the edge of the cloth with the sharp mouth to make him bite firmly.

3. Sometimes the zipper can't be opened, or it can't be pulled halfway. This is because the teeth of the zipper are crooked or the fiber of the cloth belt is loose. If the teeth of the latch are crooked, you can first use a steel needle to correct it, and then flatten it. Then, gently flatten the teeth with a small mallet, and the latch will work well. If the cloth belt is loose, the canthus can pull the cloth belt that does not conform to the requirements, so that the teeth of the lock are evenly arranged, then it can be pulled well.

Source: Heshan double bone zipper manufacturer

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